What Type Of Personnel Do We Offer? Transport drivers

  • Class AZ: city P+D, swiches, shunt, highway
  • Class DZ: city P+D, route drivers
  • Class G: courier experience

M.B.A Driver Services Inc is a Virtual Recruiter Service that allows you to outsource your companies recruitment costs and maintain control of the recruiting pipeline. We offer a menu of services to give you control of the pieces of the recruiting puzzle that you want to maintain while giving you the ability to off load the upfront costs of your recruiting department.

  • Advertising Management
  • Applicant Processing
  • Behavior Based Interviewing
  • Pre employment Drug Testing
  • Inquiry Management and Follow Up
  • Referencing and Back Ground Checks
  • 3 Party Road Testing
  • Driver Orientation

These services can be provided in a comprehensive “TurnKey” solution, or you can order À la carte, choosing which services you want and how you want the executed. Either way you are looking at a completely Customized Recruiting Approach that will leave you in the “Drivers Seat.”If your company is looking for ways to Eliminate Waste, and Defer unnecessary costs, it is time to outsource your Recruiting and New Hire Training to the professionals at MBA Services.